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  • Name: Brian Reynolds
  • Age: 74
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: BROMLEY UK
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Music I listen to

A lifetime of interest in instrumental light music, dance bands, brass and military bands. Play piano, organ and accordion. Have over fifteen published compositions for military band or light orchestra

Interesting facts about me

Retired, after a career in insurance - not very exciting but at least it was a living. Passionate about instrumental light music - listening to it ,playing it, composing it, researching the careers of its exponents and writing articles about it for magazines. I've written a published book about the vintage radio programme 'Music While You Work' and am a co -author of a book about the history of military bands in the 20th century. For the last twelve years have co-presented light music 'specials' on Radio Kent and Radio Lincolnshire, utilising my collection of many hundreds of radio music programmes from the fifties and sixties. My website is which details the careers of dozens of conductors and bandleaders and includes actual programme listings and soundclips. In some cases, complete programmes are included.    

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